Greetings! An introduction, and how I came to this work:


Birth stories matter. They are our inheritance and part of what we pass on. I was born in Korea and adopted at 14 months old to a family in Oregon. Having thought a lot about origination stories, culture, race, and gender from a young age, I studied anthropology and sociology for a B.A. at Lewis & Clark College, and was eventually drawn to New York City for graduate studies, but really for the City itself. 
Navigating becoming pregnant and birthing a child here, and without family support, drastically changed my life's orientation so much so that I felt inspired to become a midwife or doula. Eventually I took the plunge, quit my job, and trained as a full-spectrum doula with Ancient Song Doula Services. And something did click, something hard to articulate. As one client recently shared, "Everyone else was focused on the baby, but it was great to have someone just focused on me." 
Doulas provide a quality of attention that is often missing in this medically oriented society. As a person who has grappled with their own history and trajectory, I attend with great care to the birth experiences and life transitions of others. And as an adoptee who never quite fit any mold, my support is truly inclusive, unconditionally supportive, and rooted in compassion. I also welcome those who see their situation as complex, and have worked along side clients with non-conventional family structures, those with previous or expected loss, and as a volunteer doula at Rose M. Singer Center on Rikers Island. 
My background is also as a meditation and wellness instructor. Meditation in my experience is about being attuned and present to whatever is happening, with more emphasis on process than set goals. This training is well-suited to the unpredictability of birthing and to the importance of being able to respond rather than react. I strive to be a companion with wholehearted attention, to be a skillful and calming advocate, and feel honored to play a small role in the unique unfolding of each new passage, family, and story.







  • Current: Training as a Birth Assistant at Brooklyn Birthing Center
  • Current: Havening Therapy certification in process with Kimm Sun, CNM
  • Current: Co-founded and co-lead Mindfulness + Stress Reduction Support Group with Mary Esther Malloy
  • 2019: Teaching certification for Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss with Amy Wright Glenn
  • 2019: Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) certified with Karen Strange, CPM
  • 2019: Meditation Assistant for Mindful Cesarean Class with Mary Esther Malloy
  • 2018: The Essential VBAC Master Class with Jen Kamel
  • 2018: Comforting Touch for Doulas and for Babies with Yiska Obadia
  • 2018: DONA doula training with Rina Crane
  • 2018: Non-Traditional Infant Feeding Relationships with Tanya Wills, CNM, IBCLC
  • 2018: Foot Reflexology 1, emphasis on labor support, Laura Norman method
  • 2017: Still Birthday birth and bereavement certification
  • 2017: Reclaiming the Medicine of Birth with Master Herbalist, Karen Rose
  • 2017: Abortion and Adoption support training with The Doula Project
  • 2016: Full-Spectrum doula training and Decolonize Birth Conference with Ancient Song
  • 2016: Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence (MBEI) training with Fleet Maull, PhD
  • 2015: Foundations in Contemplative Care Certification, NY Zen Center for Contemplative Care
  • 2014: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training with Jon Aaron
  • 2008-14: Meditation instruction training, Brooklyn Zen Center