Feel free to use the form below, or GREENWOODDOULA@GMAIL.COM, and Jae will be in touch soon to schedule a complimentary phone or in-person consultation. Let her know what kind of support you are looking for and when you need it. Rates for services vary depending on your context and ability to pay, with birth doula packages generally on a sliding scale from $2000-2500, and/or an hourly rate for support in other forms. 


A strong and mutual connection is always more important than the fee to Jae, so please inquire with more details, whatever your situation or budget. She also invites partial and full creative barter/exchange: all ideas, talents, hand skills, and proposals sent will be seriously considered. 


Finally, those paying the full rate+ do allow her to take on lower income clients whenever possible, especially for pregnant people currently with little support or without a home, BI/QT/POC, people with adoption backgrounds or intentions, and those with loss or bereavement contexts. Thank you for your consideration.