Full-spectrum birth doula services. Individualized prenatal and postpartum visits, on-call 24/7 at 37 weeks, coaching and labor support.


Resides with her son in Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn, and works with clients and families throughout the New York City area. 


Mindfulness and meditation for pregnancy and labor. Adoption, surrogate, high-risk, perinatal loss, and bereavement services.


Every birth is unique. Jae's doula approach is to support from a place of deep listening, and to bring a caring, calming presence to unfolding situations no matter what the setting or methods. She values taking the time to understand your history, approach and preferences so that offering options and reminders may be most helpful and timely. Her experience is that a calm, steady, and informed companion makes a difference, and she truly finds joy in this role. She is also experienced in many forms of comforting touch and movement, including reflexology and optimal fetal positioning methods.  And while she specializes in high-risk and complex situations, she truly welcomes all bodies and backgrounds, and helps to make each birthing experience something that is engaged with care, not just something that happens.  




  • Evidence Based Birth Professional Member


  • Movement, positioning, and connecting: Utilizes Spinning Babies® and Mindful Birthing methods. 


  • Active in the NYC Doula community and volunteer work, including receiving the SOMA award for reproductive justice efforts, integrating social engagement, meditation, and doula services.